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About Jean

Pranic Healer and Energy Master, Jean Stetson, has over 17 Advanced Energy Medicine certifications, and 20+ years of combined healing experience.

Jean holds certification in modalities such as;

  • Pranic Healing / Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Pranic Crystal Healing
  • Clearing / Cleansing Energy
  • Masters Touch Therapy ... to name only a few

At age 38,  Jean was in a serious car accident that left her with a broken body, no memory, nor ability to care for herself. Her right side was completely paralyzed. She was unable to talk, walk, read, write, or recognize anyone in her life, including the woman in the mirror.

Essentially, Jean was newly born in an adult body. During the next few years she would learn how to live in her body, in this world, and overcome the trauma of this drastic rebirth. As this journey unfolded, Jean discovered a healing capacity within herself that defied all medical predictions and remembered teachings. Having observed her healing experience, others reached out to her for assistance. Realizing this gift to assist others in their healing, her life came alive with new meaning.

Jean went on to become re-certified in every modality she instinctively knew. That was the true miracle in her life ... although she had no memory of her life prior to waking up from the accident, she retained an instinctual knowing and the gifts of a healer.

When asked what inspires her and where her passion lays, Jean's answer was genuine ... "I am inspired by the opportunity to send people healing divine love and watch as their circumstances change. I watch people grow like the gardener watches their flowers blossom. My passion is to help people recognize their true light force so that they can expand and harmonize with their heart." 

Jean is not only a healer, but a teacher as well. A session with her is more than healing, it is a learning experience for those that wish to tap into their own gifts. You can learn these simple and powerful methods to experience more happiness everyday of your life. You can learn to use these triggers to quickly flush out stress and anger while transmuting anger and negativity using Love, Intelligence and Inner Power.

No matter what you may be dealing with, physically, emotionally or spiritually, Jean can assist you in ways you have never before experienced. There are no limits to the range of areas in which she works and can help you and will work with you 1 on 1 or remotely.

Services Offered

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Pranic Healing with Master Healer Jean Stetson
Psychic Surgery with Master Jean Stetson
Masters Touch Therapy with Jean Stetson
Hlding Sacred Space with Master Jean Stetson
Pranic Crystal Healing with Master Jean Stetson
Clearing / Cleansing Negative Energies with Master Healer Jean Stetson
Pranic Psychotherapy with Master Jean Stetson
Group Healings with Master Healer Jean Stetson

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Client Testimonials

Bill from Flagstaff AZ

Where doctors had initially diagnosed cancer, they found no signs in subsequent tests. Jean held me in her healing space throughout my entire hospital stay and surgery.

Bill / Flagstaff, AZ
Lora from Chandler, AZ

Pranic Healing sessions with Jean restore me and balance my body, mind and spirit. I have worked with Jean on and off for 10 years through accidents, loss of loved ones and three surgeries. Having a session always seems to fast track healing for whatever challenge is going on with me. She is the BEST!I experienced a remarkable healing. 

Lora / Chandler, AZ
Claire from Denver CO

I've known Jean since I was a child. I have physical problems that she has always helped me with. My sister calls it Voo Doo ... but I call it Jean's Magic!

Claire / Denver, CO

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