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Welcome Divine Souls

A "Divine Soul" is one of two energies that make you a human being. These two separate energies are; material and the other divine. 

Your "Divine Soul" resides within your body near your physical heart. It is life itself. Just as a small candle spreads its light throughout a darkened room, so the soul's radiance enriches the body, senses, mind and intellect and inspires them to function.

The "Divine Soul" is the essence of you that is beyond reproach and far outside the realm of the ego-intellect that we have learned to rely on.

When the senses are fully activated, we can connect to our souls and create a harmonic signature of the purest intention.

Welcome Divine Soul to Divine Soul Connection, a place where you can learn to ignite that innate ability within, allowing you to connect to your Divine Soul.

Meet Pranic Healer - Jean Stetson

About Jean

Pranic Healer and Energy Master, Jean Stetson, has over 17 Advanced Energy Medicine certifications, and 20+ years of combined healing experience.

Jean holds certification in modalities such as;

  • Pranic Healing / Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Pranic Crystal Healing
  • Clearing / Cleansing Energy
  • Masters Touch Therapy ... to name only a few

Services Offered

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Pranic Healing with Master Healer Jean Stetson
Psychic Surgery with Master Jean Stetson
Masters Touch Therapy with Jean Stetson
Hlding Sacred Space with Master Jean Stetson
Pranic Crystal Healing with Master Jean Stetson
Clearing / Cleansing Negative Energies with Master Healer Jean Stetson
Pranic Psychotherapy with Master Jean Stetson
Group Healings with Master Healer Jean Stetson

Ask About the Ion Detox Foot Bath Special With Any Service

Client Testimonials

Bill from Flagstaff AZ

Where doctors had initially diagnosed cancer, they found no signs in subsequent tests. Jean held me in her healing space throughout my entire hospital stay and surgery.

Bill / Flagstaff, AZ
Lora from Chandler, AZ

Pranic Healing sessions with Jean restore me and balance my body, mind and spirit. I have worked with Jean on and off for 10 years through accidents, loss of loved ones and three surgeries. Having a session always seems to fast track healing for whatever challenge is going on with me. She is the BEST!I experienced a remarkable healing. 

Lora / Chandler, AZ
Claire from Denver CO

I've known Jean since I was a child. I have physical problems that she has always helped me with. My sister calls it Voo Doo ... but I call it Jean's Magic!

Claire / Denver, CO

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